Holly Case


Associate Professor of History, Brown University

Visiting Fellow
(June – August 2018)


History of the Role of Consuls and Consular Reform;
The Temperature of Our Time

The project is twofold, one entails continuing research for a history of the role of consuls and consular reform in transforming the international system over the course of the last two centuries. The second is tentatively titled “The Temperature of Our Time.” Out of small details measured across time and space—from owner’s manuals to packaging labels to philosophical works to private correspondence and overheard speech—the project will compile histories of the present by extracting various “vital signs” from historical and present sources.


Previous stays at the IWM:
September 2016 – June 2017, Visiting Fellow





The Age of Questions

In her book, Holly Case presents chapter by chapter, seven distinct arguments and frameworks for understanding the age. She considers whether it was marked by a progressive quest for emancipation (of women, slaves, Jews, laborers, and others); a steady, inexorable march toward genocide and the “Final Solution”; or a movement toward federation and the dissolution …
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Hungary’s Real Indians

Native Americans have long been beloved in Hungary, where ‘Indians’ stand for what is real, endangered and exceptional. Viktor Orbán has used the trope to channel demographic anxiety and bolster his anti-migrant rhetoric, but it could also spell trouble for his politics of fear.
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