György Péteri


Professor of Contemporary European History, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim

Visiting Fellow
(May – July 2014)


On and Off Class Relativism. A Social and Political History of Economic Research in Communist Hungary, 1948-1968

I will work with a book guiding its readers through a story of a quarter of a century: a social and political history of economic research. My main concern will be with the emergence and working of what used to be called ‘reform economics’, a paradigm-like structure organizing a great deal of empirical research, shielding it from, yet living in a symbiotic relationship with the ideologically oriented Marxist-Leninist political economy of socialism.


Should We Really Be Surprised by Where Viktor Orbán’s Hungary is Heading?

Viktor Orbán is a revolutionary and his is a revolution from above. He uses his totalitarian democracy as a means to transform the political, cultural, and social order of Hungary, says György Péteri.
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