Grzegorz Krzywiec

Adjunct/Research Associate of History, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw

Bronislaw Geremek Visiting Fellow
(September 2009 – June 2010)


Vienna’s Impact on Polish Modern Antisemitism, 1883-1938

My project is an attempt to reconstruct, describe and define “East European Modern Antisemitism” in order to understand the role and social functions of the various types of anti-Semitism in the different political cultures of the region in the beginning of the 20th century. More than any other country, Austria served as a role-model for these local political cultures, with its aggressive anti-Judaism, racial historiosophy, political Catholicism and nationalist antisemitism. Vienna was at the forefront of these “new trends” in mass politics and it was a laboratory for Eastern and Central Europe anti-Semitism. The Austrian case study is part of a more general project on “Modern Polish Antisemitism in the European Context (1883-1939)”.