Gonca Savaş Dogan

Humanitarian aid specialist with a history of working in the UN and non-profit organizations in the Middle East

Non-Resident Fellow, Europe-Asia Research Platform on Forced Migration
(October – November 2020)


Migrants’ Access to Healthcare in Turkey

The increasing Syrian population seeking protection in Turkey forced the Turkish government to design legal instruments under which different migrant groups are entitled to different levels of services. Within this ever-changing structure, the main groups are refugees and asylum seekers under international protection, Syrians under temporary protection, Iraqis coming after 2014 with humanitarian residence, and the unregistered. This report will analyse how this uneven and complicated landscape is promoted by the Government of Turkey in line with the political, social, and economic developments at local, regional, and global levels and how this uneven landscape is reflected in the lives of migrants with very concrete legal, political, and humanitarian consequences.