Emilia Palonen

Politics, University of Essex
JVF 2005


Constructing Communities: From Local to National, Transnational aand ‘Activist’ Politics of Memory in Europe

Within the European Union at least since the failed referenda on the EU constitution, there has been a strong realization that nationllism has been strengthened in the European countries, even in Western Europe, which has been seen as the civilized counterpart of the nationalistic Eastern Europe. In my paper I look at the construction of political communities through processes of me memory and the politics of memory. I seek to highlight that there are politics of memory on different levels of political community building, not only the national or the European federal level....
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Creating Communities:
The Postcommunist City-Text of Budapest

The city-text, the street names and statues, in Budapest demonstrate the emergence of unity and again conflicts over different levels and contents of postcommunist politics. The city-text works in the articulation of communities, the ‘people’ and ‘space’, and the developments between fragmentation and unity, which are characteristic to political development in Hungary since the late …
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City-Images in Contemporary Budapest:
The Mayor’s Nostalgia for the 19th Century Capital and Metropolis [1]

In my previous presentation at the IWM I dealt with the concept of ‘Europe’ in the city-image of Budapest. This time, I will deal with the 19th century city-image in the speeches of Budapest’s mayor Gábor Demszky. By ‘city-image’[2] I refer to the image of the city – an imagination and a construction. The administration …
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