Elena Chepel

Research Fellow, Institute of World History, Russian Academy of Sciences; Lecturer, School of Advanced Studies for the Humanities, Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Moscow

Alexander Herzen Visiting Fellow
(January – June 2018)


Re-edition of Papyrus Private Letters from P. Ross. Georg.

My research focuses on the work of G. Zereteli, the founder of the Russian school of papyrology and editor of the corpus of papyri kept in Russia and Georgia. Up until 1917, Zereteli was fully integrated into the international academic community, corresponding with scholars worldwide and visiting major European papyrological collections, including the one in Vienna in 1900–1901. After Zereteli died during the Great Purge, papyrology in Russia was isolated from world research centres and gradually declined. Looking at the history of the corpus P. Ross. Georg., I aim to trace the impact of politics and society on the work of humanities scholars.