Devi Dumbadze


Professor of Philosophy, School of Visual Arts, New York

Paul Celan Visiting Fellow
(May – July 2015)



Theodor W. Adorno: Ästhetische Theorie (German > Georgian)

My translation project into Georgian is dedicated to Theodor W. Adorno’s seminal work Aesthetic Theory, published in German posthumously in 1970. This work can be considered one of the most important – if not the most important – philosophical theories of art of the past century. It is intricate and complex, yet at the same time astonishingly lucid in its analysis and diagnosis of the crisis of art in contemporary society. As there are, unfortunately, not many texts by Adorno available in Georgian, the small non-commercial publishing house Sa.Ga deliberately chose to engage with his largest monograph, where he presents the quintessence of his philosophical and sociological reflection on the nature of the relationship of art to society, drawing on the rich tradition of the Western thought. It seems crucial for the Georgian public to be able to gain access to this text, the pinnacle of the Frankfurt School’s most prominent representative’s theoretical oeuvre.