Daria Skibo


Research Fellow, Centre for Independent Sociological Research, St. Petersburg

Alexander Herzen Junior Visiting Fellow
(January – June 2016)


Structural Inequality in the Third Sector: How Law and Legislative Drafts Produce, Support and Organize Hierarchy Systems among NGOs

My project analyzes the changes in the structure of the third sector in connection with the adoption of legal acts, approved in the Russian Federation in 2013-2015, as well as current legislative initiatives in this area. There are two goals in this study: the first one is to discover the real impact of this legislation leading to certain practices of staff and management of the NGOs, and the second one is to analyze, if there are any specifics of law enforcement in relation to NGOs with different legal statuses (‘non-grata organizations’, ‘foreign agents’, ‘socially oriented NGO’s’ etc.). A careful study of these and other questions will allow me to model the structure of the Russian ‘market’ of NGOs from legal, social and economic perspectives.