Antonio Ferrara

Cultore della materia, University of Naples “Federico II”

Junior Visiting Fellow
(January – June 2010)


Europeans in the GULAG –
Europeans Against the GULAG.
The “Strangers” in the Soviet
Camps and David Rousset’s CICRC

My research project is focused on two
closely interrelated subjects which are both
relevant for the understanding of the divided
memories of today’s united Europe. The first one
is the history of the “strangers” deported to the
Soviet concentration camps, the Gulags, during
and after World War II from countries that today
belong to the European Union. The second one
is the history of David Rousset’s Commission Internationale
Contre le Régime Concentrationnaire

(CICRC), whose denunciation of the Gulag played
a significant role in the ideological struggles in
Western Europe during the Cold War.