Andrew Brandel


PhD in Anthropology, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore

Junior Visiting Fellow
(September 2016 – April 2017)


City of Letters: The Making of Literary Life in Berlin

My book examines how the identification of German culture with the literary today continues to play a crucial role in the negotiation of the past, the experience of the present, and the articulation of a hope for the future. Through my fieldwork in Berlin, I track how the literary offers resources for imagining ordinary life anew, but also how those efforts can stumble or fail. Each chapter explores a different figuration of literary thought, as expressed in the lives and work of readers and writers, poets and booksellers, exiles and translators.


Trump, Contemporary Fascisms and the Acquiescence of the Left

To whatever extent we may be tempted to call the current threat fascism, it must be acknowledged that we no longer live in the world of 1930s Europe. This, instead, would be a fascism born of a bourgeois fantasy of enduring domination, given shape, for example, as the American dream - white, Christian, heteronormative, masculine.
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