Amade M’Charek

Professor of Anthropology of Science, Department of Anthropology, University of Amsterdam

Emma Goldman Visiting Fellow
(October 2020)


Beach Encounters:
Migrant Death, Colonial Currents and Forensics as an Art of Paying Attention 

This is the working title of a book that I aim to write together with the Tunisian artist Mohsen Lihidheb. This book is about the materiality of death and dying in the Mediterranean and about the materiality of colonial relations. Theoretically it mobilizes the notion of forensics and broadens it from the art of bringing evidence to the court, to the art of paying attention. It takes inspiration from forensics itself, as it is a field par excellence that cares for material traces and for temporality, and it business is to produce accounts (witnessing) about what happened.

As an interdisciplinary book, a collage of our collective work on what has become to be known as the ‘refugee crisis’, it will consist of essays, photo’s (of Mohsen’s art as well as other objects), poems and lyrics. It thus aims to interfere in dominant framings of the migration crisis and of colonialism as a sheer legacy.