Alexandra Yatsyk


Director, Centre for Cultural Studies of post-Socialism, Kazan Federal University; Visiting Researcher, Сentre for Russian and Eurasian Studies, University of Uppsala, Sweden

Alexander Herzen Junior Visiting Fellow
(January – June 2017)


Regional Games with(in) Russia: The Cases of Tatarstan and Abkhazia in the Context of Russia–Turkey Relations

The object of my analysis is the Russian World in situations of multiple encounters with other civilizational constructs in regions that might be termed cultural borderlands or crossroads. I particularly focus on Tatarstan and Abkhazia in the context of the recent crises in relations between Russia and Turkey. What tools of the Kremlin’s biopolitical conservatism are applied by Russia in the regions (such as passportization in Abkhazia, or the Russian Orthodox Church’s activity in Tatarstan), and which are deployed by the regions themselves in order to play a greater role inside the Russian Federation, and beyond?