Agata Bielik-Robson


Professor of Jewish Studies, University of Nottingham

(December 2015)


Another Finitude: Thinking Beyond Heidegger

I am currently working on a book tentatively called Another Finitude. The idea of finite life constitutes the standard subject of post-Heideggerian philosophy which champions the notion of finitude (Endlichkeit) as opposed to the traditional theological idea of immortal life. The consequence of this opposition, however, is that the finite life is always defined in a ‘thanatic’ manner, i.e. in reference to its end/death. The aim of my study is to find alternative ways of thinking about finitude: not under the negating auspices of death (as in Heidegger), but more positively as an autonomous modus vivendi. My main sources of inspiration are: Franz Rosenzweig, Hannah Arendt, Sigmund Freud.