Adam Baczko

VF_Adam Baczko

PhD Candidate in Political Science, EHESS, Paris

Junior Visiting Fellow
(September – December 2015)


Insurgent Law: Judging in a Time of Civil War

This research project examines how insurgent groups implement justice and how they use courts to assert their rejection of the incumbent regime and their claim to represent legitimate authority. It draws heavily on sociology and anthropology of both law and institutions to discuss contemporary theories of civil war and insurgent governance. It is based on fieldwork in Afghanistan, Syria, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Iraq.


Washington Has Sealed Aleppo’s Fate

In recent months, the diplomatic posturing in Washington about a cease-fire in Aleppo barely obscured its acquiescence in Bashar al-Assad’s winning the war before the end of the Obama administration. The fall of Aleppo makes us examine who we are. Despite generally honest media coverage, an international mobilization for the besieged city never materialized.
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Syrian Origins of the Refugee Crisis: The Cost of No Policy?

Europe's proximity to Syria means it now has to deal with the refugees. This could have been anticipated in 2013, yet European countries choose to ignore it time and time again. More gravely, by taking a marginal role in the crisis, Europe has let Turkey, the Gulf states, Iran, Hezbollah and Russia determine Syria’s future. It has allowed the most liberal and moderate-minded rebels to be excluded from Syrian politics.
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