Andrey Vozyanov: Can’t find the words to explain how dreadful is the ongoing in Belarus

Chronicle from Belarus
Andrey Vozyanov

This video was shot on August 12, 2020 by Mediazone in Minsk, Belarus. What happens inside of the building is described here

Yesterday my friend’s mother and me were at this place as well.

Parents are not given any information about their detained sons and daughters for days.

Parents say they can hear cries of people being beaten from the inside of the building. On the video they are crying “Hold on!” There was also information that in Zhodzina prison a riot and hunger-strike occurred, with Special Force Police arriving for the pacification.

According to another message in Telegram (these days they are circulating virally in half-dead Bynet and can hardly be verified), the detained are not given any food between detainment and court trial (which can last up to 72 hours).  A few people released from the IVS facility in Minsk reported to that they had been beaten inside of the prison, standing on their knees and insulted with words “we’ll teach for whom to vote”.

Beyond my comprehension is a plan that the regime could pursue with this way of action. 6000 of the detained (not of them are protesters, my friend was detained far from a protest spot, simply at the street) must be released within 15 days, according to administrative liability legal norms.

And they won’t be silent about the conditions of their imprisonment, that is for sure.

Hopefully, Lukashenka’s terrorist group won’t take those 6000 detained as hostages in order to stop the protests, which start looking more as a national liberation movement during last two days.

Even more scary for many people I talked to would be the arrival of Russian special forces for “pacification” (read – shooting at defenseless Belarusian people, now done by Belarusian special forces). My interlocutors suggested it can lead to civil war in Belarus.

But the EU’s reaction is still virtually absent, and Belarusians are left on their own with the marasmatic dictator and amok OMON army.

Things are serious here and we need more than compassion.

Please tell your friends.




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