Introducing our fellows arriving in June

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In June we welcome the following IWM fellows.

Find out more information about their projects, affiliations and their associated programs here:


Jeremy Adelman 

Albert Hirschman Fellowship, (June 2021)

Princeton University

Project: Extraordinary Virtues: Narratives and Strangers


Ioannis Armakolas 

Europe's Futures Fellowship, (June 2021)

ELIAMEP, The Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy

Project: Learning from the Prespa Agreement: Is there a ‘Southeast European way’ of settling disputes or should there be one? Lessons for the European Union.


Dimitar Bechev

Europe's Futures Fellowship, (June 2021)

University of Sofia

Project: The EU Periphery and Revisionist Powers


Srdjan Cvijic 

Europe's Futures Fellowship, (June 2021)

Open Society European Policy Institute

Project: Eroding Trust: Serbian Democracy from 5 October 2000 to COVID-19


Christoph Dieckmann

Guests of the Institute, (June 2021)

University of Bern

Project: Sounds of Anti-Jewish Persecution in Early Post-War Accounts


Sebastian Haug

Guests of the Institute, (June 2021 - February 2022)

German Development Institute (DIE)

Project: The “World's Conscience” and the “World's Guru”


Jason Stanley

Guests of the Institute, (June - July 2021)

Yale University

Project: The Politics of Language


Sergii Masol 

Ukraine in European Dialogue Fellowship, (June - October 2021)

Project: The European Union, Ukrainian and Russian Approaches to International Criminal Law: A Comparative International Law Perspective


Karolina Koziura 

Józef Tischner Fellowship, (June - October 2021)

The New School University

Project: The Making of Holodomor in the Shadow of the Cold War: The Production and Politicization of Knowledge about the Great Ukrainian Famine


Jakub Nikodem 

Józef Tischner Fellowship, (June - October 2021)

University of Warsaw

Project: Moral Values and Civil Society: Philosophical and Political Views of Krzysztof Michalski and Marek Siemek


Valentina Izmirlieva

Eurasia in Global Dialogue Fellowship, (June 2021)

Columbia University, New York

Project: The Russian Constantinople Moment in the 1920s


Helga Nowotny

Yehuda Elkana Fellowship, (June 2021)

ETH Zurich

Project: In AI We Trust: Power, Illusion and Control of Predictive Algorithms


Till van Rahden 

Democracy Fellowship, (June 2021)

Université de Montréal

Project: Forms, Style and Manners: Democracy as a Way of Life