Announcing INDEX: Institute for Documentation and Exchange (Lviv)

INDEX: Institute for Documentation and Exchange, with IWM and DocU Logo

The IWM is launching a new institution based in Ukraine. INDEX: Institute for Documentation and Exchange will open its doors in Lviv later this year. It is intended to support Ukrainians as they document the Russo-Ukrainian War and to facilitate intellectual exchange that spans across disciplines and geographies.

INDEX grows out of the Documenting Ukraine program, which was launched days after the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine to enable Ukrainian intellectuals to chronicle the war. Since then, Documenting Ukraine has supported 360 projects across the country. Now, the founding of INDEX is a crucial step towards transforming an emergency response initiative into a durable part of Ukraine’s intellectual and cultural landscape.

INDEX also builds on the IWM’s long-running Ukraine in European Dialogue program, creating opportunities for Ukrainian and international academics and cultural figures to think together by means of fellowships, events, and publications. INDEX will be hosting fellows from Ukraine and around the world as they work on their research and writing projects, benefitting from exchange with each other and, especially in the case of international scholars, from the insights that the Ukrainian case can bring to some of today’s most pressing questions.

Permanent fellows Timothy Snyder and Katherine Younger will play key roles in the governance of INDEX, in addition to continuing to lead Ukraine-related programming at the IWM. The IWM will be nominating Sasha Dovzhyk as INDEX’s inaugural director.

Read more about INDEX here.