Timothy Snyder

Permanent Fellow

Institute for Human Sciences

Spittelauer Lände 3 
1090 Vienna, Austria
Phone +43 1 313 58 0 

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Research at IWM

Ukraine in European Dialogue

There is an ongoing need for sustained dialogue between Ukrainian scholars, intellectuals and activists and their counterparts in Europe and North America. The Ukraine in European Dialogue research program, initiated in 2015 by IWM Permanent Fellow Timothy Snyder, seeks to contribute to this exchange and is dedicated to enabling sustained contact and exchange between scholars, public intellectuals, journalists, activists and policymakers from Ukraine and the rest of Europe. 

Documenting Ukraine

This project, set up in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, seeks to facilitate this work by supporting journalists, scholars, artists, public intellectuals, and archivists based in Ukraine as they work on documentation projects that establish and preserve a factual record, through reporting, gathering published source material, or collecting oral testimony; or bring meaning to events through artistic interpretation and intellectual reflection. Timothy Snyder leads this project together with IWM Permanent Fellow Katherine Younger.

United Europe – Divided History

This research project seeks to overcome divisions among national historiographies and between East and West through scholarly history conceived in a novel way.

Concluded Projects:

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