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Wojciech Bonowicz - Guests of the Institute /program/guests-of-the-institute Guest Fellowship 2018
Szilard Borbely - Paul Celan Fellowship for Translators /program/paul-celan-fellowship-for-translators Klaus-Michael Bogdal: Europa erfindet die Zigeuner (German > Hungarian)
Timofei Bordachev - Eurasia in Global Dialogue /program/eurasia-in-global-dialogue Europe and Russia After the Liberal World Order
Irina Borogan - Eurasia in Global Dialogue /program/eurasia-in-global-dialogue The Kremlin's Foreign Policy Through the Eyes of the Compatriots
Mateusz Borowski - Paul Celan Fellowship for Translators /program/paul-celan-fellowship-for-translators Judith Butler: Antigone’s Claim. Kinship Between Life and Death
Andrzej Borowski - Paul Celan Fellowship for Translators /program/paul-celan-fellowship-for-translators E.R.Curtius: Europäische Literatur und lateinisches Mittelalter (GER > POL))
Ekaterina Borozdina - Alexander Herzen Junior Fellowship /program/alexander-herzen-junior-fellowship Changes of Russian Maternity Care: The Case of Midwives Institutional Work
Jakub Bozek - Guests of the Institute /program/guests-of-the-institute Simon Reynolds: Rip It Up and Start Again – Postpunk 1978-1984
András Bozoki - Guests of the Institute /program/guests-of-the-institute The Decade of Intellectuals:Reformism, Liberalism, and Democratic Elitism (Hungary 1982-1993)
Hugo Brady - Democracy Fellowship /program/democracy-fellowship Europe’s Border Crisis 2015–2017: When Different Worlds Collide
Aleksandra Brajović - SEE Graduate Scholarships /program/see-graduate-scholarships „Pervoe učenie [...] nazivaemoe Bukvar" in the Context of Zaharija Orfelin's Enlightenment Activity
Andrew Brandel - Guests of the Institute /program/guests-of-the-institute City of Letters: The Making of Literary Life in Berlin
Ray Brandon - Ukraine in European Dialogue /program/ukraine-in-european-dialogue Prof. Hans Koch in the Second World War
Ulrich Brinkmann - Guests of the Institute /program/guests-of-the-institute Krise und Aufgebehren – Zum Wandel des Sozialen Konflikts in der Postdemokratie
Aspen Brinton - Jan Patočka Research Program /program/jan-patocka-research-program Solidarity of the Shaken: Jan Patočka and the Future of Dissidence
Magdalena Brodacka - Józef Tischner Fellowship /program/jozef-tischner-fellowship Central European – the Species on the Verge of Extinction? Identity Narratives on Examples of Czech and Polish Fiction of the 20-th and 21-st Centuries
Marta Bucholc - Bronisław Geremek Fellowship /program/bronislaw-geremek-fellowship Finding Our Way Through Language. Weber and Wittgenstein on Politics and Science
Natalia Buier - CEU Visiting Fellowship /program/ceu-visiting-fellowship European Visions – National Infrastructures: The Challenge of a European Railway