The ‘Authoritarian International’

Contemporary Far-Right Wing and Politics of Irrationality: Brazil in a Global Context
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Ricardo Regatieri offered a Zeitdiagnose of the contemporary world focusing on lies and conspiracy theories in the age of internet, and showed how the political and communicational environment has been fertile for the rise of far-right wing leaders, parties and movements on the global level. Following that, he presented five key elements of bolsonarismo, pointing out its political rhetoric and practical consequences. He proposed that Bolsonaro and bolsonarismo can only be properly understood when considered in the intersection between global tendencies and local drivers.

Ricardo Pagliuso Regatieri is Professor for Sociology at the Federal University of Bahia.

Martin Krygier, Professor at the Law and Justice Department of the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, will provide the commentary.

Ludger Hagedorn, IWM Permanent Fellow, will moderate the colloquium.


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