IWM at the Leipzig Book Fair: Ukrainian Writers at War

Panels and Discussions

In the story of the Russo-Ukrainian War, a central role must go to the Ukrainian civilians from all walks of life who stepped in to defend their country from Russian aggression. Some of Ukraine's best writers, who before the full-scale invasion lived the life of the mind, joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine and have spent the past year in a new role, getting to know their country and their compatriots in a whole new way under circumstances that are physically and emotionally taxing, but simultaneously inspiring. They are now recording their experiences with the support of the IWM's Documenting Ukraine initiative. This conversation explored the perspectives and insights gained from a new life in uniform.

In conversation:

Katherine Younger, IWM Permanent Fellow with the author, activist, soldier, and grantee of the IWM Program Documenting UkraineArtem Chapeye.

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