Artem Chapeye


Documenting Ukraine Grants

A Million Stories

The Russian invasion of Ukraine disrupted millions of lives in different ways. Each story is unique. At the same time, there are many stories which are shared by millions. According to UN estimates, half of all Ukrainian children have been displaced. Millions of people, mostly women, elderly, and minors have become refugees. Others are internally displaced. Hundreds of thousands have joined the army, and thousands more of both soldiers and civilians have died or were mutilated. There are also some who either collaborate with the invaders or support the invasion, including relatives of those who fight or have become victims of the aggression. Some stories of people who help refugees, and even of some of the aggressors may also be included. Trying to fathom the situation in some form, most likely as a novel or a fable, is an ambitious and ambiguous project which, plainly speaking, might take years and require some distance; yet, it has to be started when the memories are fresh and details are here to see. 

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