Launched in March 2022, Documenting Ukraine is an IWM research project that seeks to contribute to creating a record of the Russo-Ukrainian War, capturing the human experience of that war, and making it accessible and comprehensible to the broader world.

Documenting Ukraine: How and Why from IWM on Vimeo.

Through Documenting Ukraine, the IWM supports scholars, journalists, public intellectuals, artists, and archivists based in Ukraine as they work on documentation projects that establish and preserve a factual record—whether through reporting, gathering published source material, or collecting oral testimony—or that bring meaning to events through intellectual reflection and artistic interpretation. Ultimately, the materials collected and produced through these projects will be housed in a complex, transdisciplinary archive.

This is a project that centers Ukrainian intellectual work: the projects are conceived, developed, and carried out by Ukrainians, and Documenting Ukraine grantees retain full intellectual property rights to any work they produce. The same thinking underpins the archive that will result from the project: any materials contributed by people we are supporting are an important part of Ukraine’s intellectual heritage.

Press enquiries please see https://www.iwm.at/documenting-ukraine/press


Dr. Katherine Younger is a Permanent Fellow at the IWM, where she oversees Documenting Ukraine as well as the Ukraine in European Dialogue program. She is a historian of modern Europe with a particular focus on Ukraine; she received her PhD from Yale University in 2018. Her research concentrates on practices of international politics, forms of imperial governance, and the relationship between religion and power. 

Prof. Timothy Snyder is a Permanent Fellow at the IWM and the Levin Professor of History at Yale University. He is the author of over a dozen books, including Bloodlands: Europe between Hitler and Stalin and On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century; his works have been translated into forty languages. His lecture course “The Making of Modern Ukraine” has received more than 6 million views on YouTube. 

Kseniya Kharchenko, MA, Project Manager for the Documenting Ukraine Program at the IWM. She is a culture manager, writer and translator, and member of PEN Ukraine.

Anastasiia Kovach, MA, Project Assistant, Ukraine Programs.