Projects Funded

The projects listed below have been supported by Documenting Ukraine. This is not a complete list; other grantees have opted not to publish information about their projects, and new projects are being added to the site on an ongoing basis.
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Project Grantee
"Explaining Ukraine" and "Ukraine, face à la guerre" Podcasts Tetyana Ogarkova
(De)colonial Policy of Digital Infrastructures in the Context of Russia’s War Against Ukraine Vitalii Atanasov
24.02: Life After Andrii Usach
A Collection of Literary Reportages on How the Russo-Ukrainian War Has Changed Relations between Poles and Ukrainians Mariia Semenchenko
A Million Stories Artem Chapeye
A Series of Video Podcasts “Artist Talk” Yevhen Honcharov
Aftermath: Rebuilding Lives after the Great Flood Anastasia Vlasova
Brave to Document Pavlo Korobchuk
Breaking Out from the "Brotherly" Embrace Anastasia Vlasova
Decoding Ukraine: Portraits of Ukrainian Resilience Maria Avdeeva
Deoccupations (Деокупації) Bohdan Logvynenko
Documenting Ukraine: A Series of Reportages Documenting Destroyed Science Facilities in Ukraine for Kunsht Magazine Kyrylo Beskorovainyi