Europe and the World After Ukraine

Erhard Busek Memorial Lecture

It is still too early to know whether Ukraine’s counter-offensive will be a success and, indeed, what success looks like. Nonetheless, whatever the outcome, Misha Glenny considered how Europe will have to engage with a world that is evolving rapidly – politically, economically, environmentally and technologically. Does it have the requisite tools to meet the implicit challenges?

The lecture was followed by a panel discussion.
Panelists: Nathalie Tocci, Stefan Lehne, Heather Grabbe, Misha Glenny
Moderator: Ivan Vejvoda

Misha Glenny, Rector of the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM).

Stefan Lehne, Senior Fellow at Carnegie Europe and IWM Europe's Futures Alumnus.

Nathalie Tocci, Director of the Institute of International Affairs - Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) in Rome and Europe's Futures Fellow at the IWM.

Heather Grabbe, Senior Advisor at Open Society Foundation and Europe's Futures Fellow at the IWM.

Ivan Vejvoda, IWM Permanent Fellow and Head of Europe's Futures - Ideas for Action.

A recording of the event is available below.


Europe’s Futures is IWM’s strategic partnership initiative with the ERSTE Foundation aiming to understand and address challenges posed to Europe and the European Union by the eroding of democracy, rule of law deficiencies, migratory pressures or climate change.

In cooperation with University of Rijeka Center for Advanced Studies Southeast Europe (UNIRI CAS SEE).