Ivan Vejvoda

Permanent Fellow

Institute for Human Sciences

Room 404
Spittelauer Lände 3 
1090 Vienna, Austria
Phone +43 1 313 58 ext. 404


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Research at IWM

Europe's Futures 

Europe finds itself confronted with challenges of a magnitude it has not experienced since the crises of the 1930s. It is of the essence to create a space to understand the current dynamics and to bring people from the different corners of Europe to speak and listen to each other on the enumerated challenges. Beyond reacquiring a sense of certainty it is imperative to open the path to a future, to solutions that can make these societies prosperous again. Keen to explore some of those paths, in 2018 IWM and ERSTE Foundation (Vienna) entered a partnership to create the Europe’s Futures project as a novel resource at the intersection of academia, civil society and politics. IWM Permanent Fellow Ivan Vejvoda directs the Europe’s Futures project and its program of in-depth research leading to policy proposals, publications or direct action on topics of interest.