Cultural Approaches to Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe

Panels and Discussions

The panelists spoke about how democracy is acted out in everyday life and local relationships with special emphasis on Central and Eastern Europe.

  • What kinds of democratic culture have emerged in the region historically and more recently?
  • What are the cultural and social preconditions of democracy as a system of government?

These and other questions were discussed on the podium by a group of experts in the field:

Till van Rahden, Professor of History, University of Montreal; IWM Fellow
Karolina Wigura, Kultura Liberalna, Warsaw; Zentrum Liberale Moderne, Berlin; Associate Professor at the University of Warsaw; Europe's Futures Fellow
Ruth Wodak, Em. Professor, Lancaster University and University of Vienna

Ivan Vejvoda, IWM Permanent Fellow and Head of the Europe’s Futures Project, moderated the panel.


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