Ukraine’s History, Revisited

, 06.09.2022
Ukraine in Focus

Cultivating a deeper, more complex understanding of Ukraine’s history – and recognizing the interconnections between it and – is essential if we are to make sense of Ukraine’s present and the role the past plays in today’s war.

Through its Ukraine in European Dialogue program, the IWM offers a platform to foster this understanding. We have hosted outstanding historians of Ukraine as visiting fellows, and conferences such as Revolutionary Ukraine: A Reflection on 1917 and Its Aftermath and Between Kyiv and Vienna: People, Ideas, and Objects in Circulation and Motion have brought together historians from across Europe and North America to reflect on new approaches and narratives.

This fall, IWM Permanent Fellow Timothy Snyder has launched a new lecture course at Yale University, The Making of Modern Ukraine. The lectures will be publicly available on YouTube.

Watch the course’s introductory lecture, “Ukrainian Questions Posed by Russian Invasion.”


The course syllabus can be found here.