Value Polytheism during the Pandemic. Politics and Epistemology of a Virus (Greek)

Books by Fellows

Η πολυθεϊα των αξιών στην πανδημία: Πολιτική και επιστημολογία ενός ιού

In his new book, written during his fellowship at the IWM, Yannis Ktenas, using Max Weber's concept of "value polytheism," aims at shedding light on the debates and polemics that arose during the pandemic. These debates were not only political but also epistemological; they focused not only on what should be done departing from a shared conception of the situation, but also on what the situation really was and on which were the indisputable facts regarding the virus, the correct data regarding its spread, and the appropriate measures and tools to treat the disease or prevent its occurrence. Ktenas challenges the idea that the recognition of various and indeed divergent forms of rationality ends up in relativism. He argues for the establishment of valid criteria both in politics and in science, while reserving a space for argumentation, disagreement and political conflict.