IWMpost 121: Rethinking Democracy


As we celebrate the IIWM's 35th anniversary we debate the future of Europe, consider how people are rethinking democracy and contrast the old and new forms of war.


Europa im Diskurs – Debating Europe

  • Placebo oder Am Anfang war das Wort. Am Ende auch. / von Anna Baar
  • Wie wird unsere Republik in 100 Jahren aussehen?

Democracy in Question

  • Europe’s Futures / by Ivan Vejvoda
  • The Amplitude of Uncertainty: Some Thoughts About the Coming Flood / by Philipp Bloom
  • Up The Friendly Revolution: New Beginnings for Democracy in Europe / by Philippe Narval
  • Forgetting and Arrogance in Democracies / by Kenichi Mishima
  • Democracy at Risk: Exit and Voice / by Lipin Ram

IWM’s 35th Anniversary

  • Free Thought and Knowledge as Care of the Soul / by Michael Ignatieff

New and Old Wars

From the Fellows

  • Reading the Writing on the Wall / by Kylie Thomas
  • China’s New ‘Big Brother’ / Interview with Ling Li
  • Radical Ruralities: Living Labs for a Better World / by Indira van ’t Klooster
  • Unverschämt reich? Fragwürdige Rechtfertigungen von Reichtum / von Martin Schürz


Vienna Humanities Festival

  • Revolution! Vienna Humanities Festival
  • Marx in the Age of Trump / Interview with Moishe Postone

Ukraine in European Dialogue

  • Filming the Revolution: Archeology of the Ukrainian
  • Cinematic Modernism / by Konstantin Akinsha

In Memoriam

  • Der König mit der schwarzen Krone – Josef Wais (1944–2017) / von Klaus Nellen
  • Moishe Postone (1942–2018) / by István Adorján


Liberal Transitions, Anti-Liberal Threats, and Intellectual Reflexivity. A Portrait of János Mátyás Kovács / by Balázs Trencsényi

News / Upcoming events




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