IWMpost 117: Utopian Dreams of Life Beyond the Border



Democracy in Question

  • Utopian Dreams of Life Beyond the Border / by Ivan Krastev

From the Fellows

  • Can Journalism Survive? Digital Media and the Future of Democracy / Comments by Vlad Odobescu, Sašo Ordanoski, Gemma Pörzgen, Maria Stepanova and Güney Yildiz
  • The Future of the State and the State of the Future / by Ekaterina Schulmann
  • Resilient Neoliberalism? / by Dorothee Bohle
  • No Self-Determination without Justification / by André Liebich
  • The Right Thing to Do: Ethics and Moral Dilemmas / by David Jenkins, Steven Lukes and Katherine Miller

Europa im Diskurs

  • TTIP: Freihandel auf Kosten der Demokratie? / Zusammenfassung von von Marion Gollner

Events in Retrospect

Tischner Debate

  • Religion, Solidarity and the Limits of Belonging / Report by Paweł Marczewski

Photo Exhibitions at the IWM

Fellows and Guests

IWM Patočka Archiv

  • „Patočka ist gestorben. Wir müssen etwas tun!“ / Interview mit Klaus Nellen von Jakub Homolka



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