IWMpost 116: Sovereignity and Survival: Lessons of the Holocaust



Books in Perspective

  • Sovereignity and Survival: Lessons of the Holocaust / by Timothy Snyder


  • Budapest and Brussels: A Troubled Relationship / by János Mátyás Kovács and Balázs Trencsényi
  • Comments by Kinga Göncz, Ulrike Lunacek and Jan-Werner Mueller
  • Von der Postdemokratie zur Postsolidarität / von Ulrich Brinkmann
  • New Fronts in Modern Inequality / Report by Katherine Newman

From the Fellows

  • Will China Replace Europe as Russia’s Main Gas Customer? / by Thomas S. Eder
  • The Surreal Power of the Communist Waiter / by Albena Shkodrova
  • Putin’s Sirens / by Jurko Prochasko
  • Foreign Agents and Undesirable Organizations / by Dmitry Dubrovsky

Refugees in Focus

  • Das andere Europa im Angesicht seiner Widersprüche / by Jacques Rupnik

Patočka Memorial Lecture

  • Zygmunt Bauman: Diasporic Terrorism / Report by Veronika Pehe

Events in Retrospect

Lectures and Debates

Fellows and Guests

Projects at the IWM

  • Fabricating a Perpetuum Mobile: Economic Thought under Communism Revisited / by János Mátyás Kovács
  • New Program: “Ukraine in European Dialogue” / by Timothy Snyder


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