IWMpost 114: After the Consumption Frenzy



First World War Centenary

  • Yugoslav Eulogies: The Footprints of Gavrilo Princip / by Paul Miller

From the Fellows

  • Don’t Waste the Gas! / by György Péteri
  • After the Consumption Frenzy / by Renate Zöller
  • The Past is a Work-in-Progress: Also in Art History / by Éva Forgács
  • The Politics of Money / by Stefan Eich


  • The 2004 EU Enlargement—Ten Years After
  • Religion and Pluralism / Report by Kristina Stoeckl
  • Ukraine: Thinking Together

Events in Retrospect

Russia in Global Dialogue

  • Eurasian Union: Russia’s Failing Quest For Greatness / by Aliaksei Kazharski
  • Commander of a Fortress under Siege / by Maria Lipman

IWM Summer School

  • Problems in Modern East European & Soviet History / Report by Amieke Bouma

Fellows and Guests

The Philosophical Work of Jan Patocka


  • „Heiterkeit des Geistes“ Bolzanos Erbauungsreden / von Peter Demetz
  • Books, Articles and Talks


Upcoming Events/Open Calls