IWMpost 109: Post-Democratic Capitalism



Conferences: The Character of the Public

  • 2½ Theories on Post-Democratic Capitalism—by Claus Offe
  • On Solidarity: The Character of the Public—by Milla Mineva

Colloquia on Secularism

  • Russian Orthodoxy and Human Rights—by Kristina Stoeckl

Conferences: The Logics of Political Disintegration

  • The European Dis-Union: Lessons from the Soviet collapse—by Ivan Krastev
  • How Gogol explains the Post-Soviet World—by Thomas De Waal
  • Conference summary

Conferences: Re-Thinking European Politics and History

  • Conference summary

Lectures and Discussions

  • Is there a Polish Generation of 1989?—by Tom Junes
  • Wagner’s Parsifal and the Discourse of Regeneration—by Karol Berger
  • Burgtheater Debates

Fellows and Guests


Articles and Talks

Guest Contribution

  • The Death of the Cyberflâneur—by Evgeny Morozov