Episode 6: The Regression of Democracy with Judy Dempsey

Vienna Coffee House Conversations with Ivan Vejvoda

Judy Dempsey and Ivan Vejvoda consider the world-wide sense that democracy has been in regression these last years in a wide-ranging conversation that takes in media oligarchy, the roles of threat perception and values in forming a common European purpose, the legacy of the enlightenment and much more.

Judy is currently a Europe's Futures fellowa at the IWM and is a Senior Fellow at Carnegie Europe and editor-in-chief of its Strategic Europe blog. Formerly a columnist for the International New York Times, Germany Correspondent for the International Herald Tribune and Eastern Europe correspondent for the Financial Times - she has borne witness to the tribulations of European democracy over many years covering the NATO and European enlargements and reporting from the ground during the world-shaking transformations of 1989 and 1990