Witness and Participant Testimonies

Chronicle from Belarus

We include here first-person narratives as well as interviews conducted with Belarusians who have taken part in protests and been subject to violence and detention.

Texts are posted in their original language, with their titles translated into English and a link to a translation of the whole text when available. Postings are listed chronologically, with the most recent material first.


  • Original RU and BE petitions.by – instrument for collective complaints and appeals to government agencies. 
  • Original RU Одна из нас [One of Us] – a project about the life of Belarusian women after August 2020.
  • Original RU dissidentby – help with transfers for political prisoners, as well as support their families.
  • Original RU zadelo.co – a database of evidence of political pressure on business
  • Original RU politzek.me – anyone can register anonymously on the website, make friends with political prisoners and help them by performing simple tasks
  • Original EN and RU vkletochku.org – here you can write a letter to political prisoners in Belarus
  • Original RU INeedHelpBy – initiative helps those who have suffered from political repression and are in dire financial situations with products.
  • Original RU Mozham.com – Aggregator of volunteer assistance in Belarus.
  • Original EN and RU Honest-people.by – open independent community of the citizens of Belarus, which develop social initiatives: platforms and tools, communication strategies, legal and financial support etc.
  • Original RU Честный университет [Honest University] – a collection of initiatives that help students with legal, financial, and academic issues.
  • Original RU 23-34.net – public investigation of police violations related to peaceful actions, here you can share your story
  • Original EN and RU August 2020 – stories of people who have suffered from police brutality during the peaceful demonstrations in Belarus
  • Original RU skarga.help – generator of complaints and appeals to government agencies
  • Original RU profbel.online – a project about independent trade unions and information how to legally defend their labor rights.
  • Original RU Каждый день: Летопись протестов 2020 года [belarus.daily] – a chronicle of the 2020 protests. Captured every day and every important event.
  • Original RU Дочери Евы [evalution.today] – a project about women and their role in political and social events in modern Belarus.
  • Original RU Пресса под Прессом
    [Press under pressure], underpressure.press-club.by, December 2020.