The State of Democracy in the EU with Alberto Alemanno

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In this episode of the Vienna Coffee House Conversations, host Ivan Vejvoda engages with Alberto Alemanno, a leading voice on Europe's democratization. 

The discussion focuses on the state of democracy in Europe and the European Union, emphasizing the rise of far-right parties and the challenges of upcoming elections, including the 2024 European Parliamentary elections. Alemanno provides insights into electoral trends, the role of conservative parties, and the narrative of a Europe of nations. The conversation (recorded on 4 December 2023) also covers the European Council meeting on 14 and 15 December 2023, touching on decisions regarding Ukraine and Moldova, and institutional reforms within the EU. Alemanno expresses skepticism about the meeting's potential outcomes due to the complex geopolitical landscape and internal EU politics.

Learn more about Alberto Alemanno here

Ivan Vejvoda is an IWM Permanent Fellow and Head of the Europe's Futures program at the IWM.

Listen to the full episode here.