New Policy Paper for Reinvigorating EU-Enlargement


In view of the upcoming summit of the European Council, IWM Europe’s Futures Fellows and alumni have proposed six fixes for the enlargement process.



Russia’s war against Ukraine has changed the world and poses a major threat to Europe. To create security and stability in the region, IWM Europe’s Futures Fellows argue that EU leaders need to seize this watershed moment and take swift action to relaunch the enlargement process. With their policy proposal “What is to be done? The War, the Western Balkans and the EU” they have outlined six fixes:
1.    Focus on the fundamentals - rule of law, democratic standards, and economic reforms
2.    Gradual phasing-in of candidate countries in various sectors of EU integration
3.    Increase socialisation (including financial) in European institutions
4.    Earlier access to structural funds
5.    Elevate foreign and security conditionality
6.    Streamlining the decision-making process

Read the full policy paper, available in English and German

The policy proposal paper has been written by Nikola Dimitrov, Srdjan Cvijić, Isabelle Ioannides, Zoran Nechev, Ioannis Armakolas, Oana Popescu Zamfir, Valbona Zeneli, Stefan Lehne and Rosa Balfour