New Europe's Futures Podcast Episode Released

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A new episode of our podcast Vienna Coffee House Conversations has been released. In each episode our Permanent Fellow, Ivan Vejvoda is in conversation with a current IWM Fellow. This time he talks with Albena Azmanova.


Focusing on the arguments in her latest book “Capitalism On Edge: How Fighting Precarity Can Achieve Radical Change Without Crisis or Utopia?“ Ivan Vejvoda and Albena Azmanova discuss the future of Guy Standing’s “precariat”, that class of people whom late capitalism has condemned to live without predictability or security and who are asked to take ever greater risks with ever diminishing prospects of reward. They look at the possibilities for change, the insufficiency of “inequality” as an explanatory narrative and the challenges around the conflict between the desire for safety in academia and the imperatives of free speech and inquiry.

Read more about Albena and project on her fellow's page of our website.

Ivan Vejvoda is an IWM Permanent Fellow and is Head of the Europe's Futures program at IWM.

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