IWM Visiting Fellows presenting at the Memory Studies Association Conference

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Two IWM Visiting Fellows and IWM Permanent Fellow Ivan Krastev, will be presenting at the fifth annual Memory Studies Association Conference.

Karolina Koziura will present on "Silences in Oral Testimonies of Holodomor Survivors in Diaspora" and Justyna Tabaszewska about "Memory of 'What Almost Was.' Alternative Histories of the 1989 Polish Political Transformation."

The two Józef Tischner fellows will be joined at the conference by IWM Permanent Fellow IVan Krastev will be in conversation about European Memory and Politics.

The leading theme of the Memory Studies Association Fifth Annual Conference is “Convergences” and will offer discussions around the interplay of mnemonic layers. The event will take place online, however the conference’s hosting city is Warsaw, and the event is co-organized by the European Network Remembrance and Solidarity, the German Historical Institute Warsaw, and the University of Warsaw.

More information on the conference, and how to follow the event can be found on the conference website.