Who Are Russia's National Heroes?

Politics of History and Monument Building in Putin’s Russia
Seminars and Colloquia

In recent years, governments and citizens in countries all over the world, from Eastern Europe to North America and Africa, have torn down historical monuments in pursuit of historical justice. Russia experienced such paroxysms of iconoclasm three times in the 20th century, but following the collapse of the Soviet Union, it instead embarked on a wave of monument building across the country. What are the dynamics and causes of this monument fever?  What does it tell us about nation-building in Russia thirty years after the collapse of the Soviet Union?

The speaker was Maria Lipman, political analyst and former editor-in-chief of the Pro et Contra journal, with a long list of published work russian history, Putin and the russian media landscape. Currently she is a Eurasia in Global Dialogue Visiting Fellow at the IWM.

Comments and Moderation were provided by Ivan Krastev, IWM Permanent Fellow.