US Elections 2020

A Fateful Decision for the US, Europe and the World?
Panels and Discussions

The election of Donald Trump as 45th president of the US four years ago was a sea change in many ways, but above all a sign of rising populism and a changing world order. His tenure has unsettled the transatlantic relationship, questioned the nature of multilateralism by insisting on transactional relations, doubted the need for NATO. In recent months, not only the fight against the coronavirus, but also the newly inflamed debate on structural racism have dominated the country's domestic political discourse, which has generated global resonance far beyond the borders of the US.

Europe and the EU have in turn come to realize that more European sovereignty and strategic autonomy are crucial in this tumultuous world. What would Donald Trump’s re-election mean for the world order as China becomes more assertive? What will change for the relation with Europe and more generally for the future of the world? Would a Joe Biden victory return foreign policy relations to a status quo ante, or is the world already in a “new normal”?

Steven Erlanger
Chief diplomatic correspondent Europe, The New York Times

Raimund Löw
Journalist and historian; former ORF foreign correspondent in the USA

Eva Nowotny
Diplomat, former Austrian ambassador to the USA

Timothy Snyder
Historian (Yale University); IWM Permanent Fellow; author of Our Malady: Lessons in Liberty from a Hospital Diary

Ivan Vejvoda (Moderator)
IWM Permanent Fellow; Head of Europe Future’s project

A cooperation of Burgtheater, ERSTE Foundation, IWM and DER STANDARD



A cooperation of Burgtheater, ERSTE Foundation, IWM und DER STANDARD