Ukraine Testifies

A Documentary Film Screening
Visual and Performing Arts

The Institute for Human Sciences (IWM) and its program Documenting Ukraine is happy to announce the launch of an event series together with this human world – International Human Rights Film Festival. The first event, organized in cooperation with The Reckoning Project, featured a special screening of Ukrainian short films documenting war crimes during the Russo-Ukrainian War.  

The films included: "Chernihiv. 03.03.2022" (Ukraine, 2022), about the impact of aerial bombardments on civilian residents, "The Most Frightening Days of My Life. Yahidne" (Ukraine, 2022), about the Russian army's imprisonment of local residents in a basement for a month, "Kramatorsk Station. Katia." (Ukraine, 2022) about a 12-year-old girl who lost her mother in a missile attack, "Return Me to My Dad" (Ukraine, 2022) about a family separated during the forced evacuation, "The Hospital that Was Taken Hostage" (Ukraine, 2022) about the resistance of a hospital during the occupation, and "The Lost Paradise. Viktor Marunyak" (Ukraine, 2022) about a village head's unlawful arrest and torture by Russian soldiers. 
The screening was followed by a discussion with Nataliya Gumenyuk, Ukrainian journalist and author specializing in conflict reporting and a former fellow at the IWM. She is also a senior journalist and co-founder of The Reckoning Project, and executive director of the Public Interest Journalism Lab, which promotes constructive discussions on complex social issues.  

Katherine Younger, IWM Permanent Fellow, Head of Documenting Ukraine program, and Research Director of Ukraine in European Dialogue Program, moderated the event. 

Organized by The Reckoning Project, Institute for Human Sciences (IWM), this human world and the Schikaneder.