Transforming Care: Connecting Normative and Political Problems in the Analysis of Care

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The covid-19 crisis has exposed the limitations of current approaches to care, but political reforms struggle to gain momentum and fundamental changes to care systems are hampered by long-term structural conditions, disinvestment and political fragmentation.

This lecture argues that to transform the social organization of care we need to rethink care from a multiple inequality perspective that links the needs and rights of those providing and receiving care. The lecture aims in particular to discuss and connect the normative (‘what is good care?) and political problems (‘which social and political struggles surround care? Which conflicts hinder transformative reforms?’) and show that an ideal of good care requires attention to the politics of framing and the construction of broad alliances across a range of social divisions including gender, age, able-bodiedness, class, race/ethnicity and citizenship.

Rossella Ciccia, Associate Professor of Social Policy, University of Oxford.

Lise Meitner Fellow at the IWM Katerina Koci will provide the introduction and commentary. 


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