Reporting on the War in Ukraine

Panels and Discussions

Journalist Nataliya Gumenyuk is one of the most prominent Ukrainian voices in the Western media. Over the past eight weeks, she has been reporting from places across Ukraine that have come under heavy Russian attack, including Kharkiv, the Donbas, southern Ukraine, and the Kyiv region. Her work foregrounds the human stories of Ukrainians determined to defend and rebuild their country. In this conversation, Gumenyuk talked about how Ukrainian society is responding to the Russian invasion and the role narrative journalism can play in shaping broader understanding of the war.

This event is part of the IWM's new Documenting Ukraine project, which seeks to contribute to creating a record of the war in Ukraine. 

Nataliya Gumenyuk is a Ukrainian author and journalist specializing in foreign affairs and conflict reporting and the founder of the Public Interest Journalism Lab.

She was in conversation with Katherine Younger, IWM Permanent Fellow and Research Director of the program Ukraine in European Dialogue.