Frontline Reporting on Ukraine's War for Democracy


In this Monthly Lecture Nataliya Gumenyuk presented her journalistic work during the Russo–Ukrainian war. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Gumenyuk has pivoted to frontline media reporting in order to document Ukrainians' wartime stories.

She has been traveling to all the affected areas of the country. She reported the first accounts of Kharkiv under shelling, Mykolaiv facing a possible siege, and Odesa preparing for a possible assault. Later, she reported from liberated Bucha, Chernihiv region, providing accounts of a month of occupation. She went on to report on how the war was developing and influencing society, as well as how Ukrainian society at large changed during the war, be it the life of the Ukrainian Jewish community in Dnipro or the way democracy functions.

During the course of the invasion, Gumenyuk co-founded the Reckoning Project, aimed to document war crimes and crimes against humanity, and in particular the impact of months of occupation on Ukrainian communities.

Nataliya Gumenyuk is a is a well-known Ukrainian journalist, and author specializing in foreign affairs and conflict reporting. She is co-founder of the Reckoning Project and the founder and CEO of the Public Interest Journalism Lab. She is the author of several documentaries and books, including The Lost Island: Tales From The Occupied Crimea (2020), and Maidan Tahrir (2015). In January 2023 she is Visiting Fellow of the Ukraine in European Dialogue program at IWM.

Misha Glenny, IWM Rector, introduced the speaker and moderated the Q&A.

A recording of the event is available below.