Exhibition "In the Eye of the Storm"

Tour with the Curators

A tour of the exhibition In the Eye of the Storm was led by the curatorial team. It served as an exploration of the modernist movement in Ukraine and calls attention to the pivotal impluses for the development of art in the 20th century that sprang from peripheral art centres by examining the moderninst movement in Ukraine and the foundations of the Ukrainian avant-garde.

As such, the tour provided a valuable foundation for the subsequent symposium, which discussed modernism in an extended territorial context and the state of modernism within peripheral art centres.

The exhibition is curated by Konstantin Akinsha and Katia Denysova together with Maryna Drobotiuk and Olena Kashuba-Volvach (both National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv).
Assistant curator: Miroslav Haľák (Belvedere)


The Symposium was held in cooperation with the Belvedere, the Czech Centre Vienna, and the Embassy of Ukraine.