Europe’s Futures Annual Symposium 2024

Conferences and Workshops

At the Europe's Futures Annual Symposium 2024, the sixth cohort of Europe’s Futures Fellows presented the conclusions of their research in the academic year 2023/24. The findings were discussed with the Europe’s Futures Alumni Network and researchers from the University of Rijeka Center for Advanced Studies Southeast Europe.


Thursday, 30 May

Welcome and introduction by Ivan Vejvoda and Hedvig Morvai

Kadri Liik: Democratization in Russia: What Does the Perestroika Experience Tell Us about Post-Putin Future?
Panelists: Grigorij Mesežnikov, Dimitar Bechev 
Moderator and Panelist: Thomas de Waal

Ieva Česnulaitytė: Democratic Innovation and Citizens’ Assemblies in the Landscape of Gepolitical Instability
Panelists: Oana Popescu Zamfir
Moderator and Panelist: Ivana Dragičević

Europe 2024: Turning Right?
Primer on Slovakia: Grigorij Mesežnikov

Panelists: Alida Vracic, Péter Krekó
Moderator: Ivan Vejvoda

Ilir Deda: The Impact of the EU-Sponsored Basic Agrement between Kosovo and Serbia on Stabilization, Democratization, and Integration of the Western Balkans
Panelists: Ioannis Armakolas, Stefan Lehne
Moderator and Panelist: Kristof Bender

Friday, 31 May

Katy Hayward: The Democratic Function of the University in a World of ‘AI Everywhere’
Panelists: Sanja Bojanić, Luke Cooper
Moderator and Panelist: Bernd Marin

Vladimir Arsenijević: Down Njegoševa Street
Panelists: Ivana Dragičević, Zoran Nechev 
Moderator and Panelist: Hedvig Morvai

Hanna Shelest: Right-wing Politicians and Russo-Ukrainian War: Between Populism and National Interests
Panelists: Piotr Buras, Balázs Jarábik
Moderator: Valbona Zeneli

Alberto Alemanno: The European Union: Can There be Ownership by the People
Panelists: Rosa Balfour, Nikola Dimitrov
Moderator: Heather Grabbe

Saturday, 1 June

Erhard Busek Memorial Lecture: Contestation – The New Dynamic Driving Global Politics
By Wolfgang Petritsch 
Introduced and moderated by Ivan Vejvoda

A playlist with all recorded discussion panels is available here.


Europe’s Futures is a partnership initiative of the IWM and ERSTE Foundation. In a rapidly changing global environment it aims to understand and address the challenges confronting Europe and the European Union.

In cooperation with University of Rijeka Center for Advanced Studies Southeast Europe (UNIRI CAS SEE).