Elections in Poland

Polarized Voters, Opposing Policies, and the Russo-Ukrainian War on the Border
Panels and Discussions

“When writing about Poland, commentators abroad usually focus on what divides the country politically. Liberal democrats fight populists, pro-Europeans fight nationalists and so on. But while such a focus aptly captures the current political scene in Poland, this approach is not fully comprehensive…. the threat to the state from Russia’s invasion invariably remains “in the back of their minds.” The issue of sovereignty therefore is crucial to the political agenda and looms ever larger in the election campaign,” writes Jaroslaw Kuisz editor-in-chief of Kultura Liberalna.
European Contexts panel focuses on understanding the elections’ context, focusing on three topics: Internal electoral issues; international priorities based on internal political needs, and gender politics as electoral issues.


What do voters care about?

Jacek Kucharczyk, sociologist, and public opinion expert. President of the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA), one of Poland’s leading thinktanks.
Foreign Policies: War in Ukraine, Germany, EU, and other Challenges

Wojciech Przybylski, foreign policy analyst. Editor of Visegrad Insight at Res Publica Foundation. Europe’s Futures alumnus.

Gender perspective of the elections

Aleksandra Niżyńska, lawyer and sociologist specialised in gender politics. Partner at Gender Solutions.


Moderated by Mirjana Tomić, fjum/Presseclub Concordia and Ivan Vejvoda, Head of Europe’s Futures (IWM)


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