Daily Archives: 30 June, 2011

The Symbolic Power of Biology: Articulations of Biological Knowledge in Naturphilosophie around 1800

The project scrutinized the extent to which the discourses of natural philosophy contributed to the politicalethical formation of biological knowledge at the turn of the 19th century. Funded by the Austrian Fund of Sciences (FWF).
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Policing the Empire:
Austrian Gambling Regulations during the Napoleonic Wars

In this paper I analyze gambling practices and their suppression by the police in the Habsburg monarchy during the Napoleonic wars (1792-1815). I focus on the so-called Glückshafen, a variation of Lotto, a popular gambling institution that was forbidden by the Austrian authorities in 1807. I use this institution as a prism through which to explore imperial connections in the Habsburg monarchy. This paper highlights the multi-vectored relations between Vienna and its provinces. I explain how decisions regarding one province impacted social norms and politics in the entire monarchy, how Vienna’s decisions concerning Italy were contingent upon the situation in (formerly Polish) Galicia, and vice-versa.
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Disappearing Social Realities – Introduction

  Vienna is a unique place on the European map of disappearances. The lands and peoples of the Habsburg Empire disappeared with the Empire itself. Some of them joined other polities in order to share their very different fates. Some of them vanished from the European social and cultural history in one cruel coup, virtually …
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